0 days to go.... Hold on to your hats... 21/9/2009


If you're still in two minds as to whether to amble down to your local cinema tonight (in the USA) or tomorrow (everywhere else) to join the Global Premiere, just have a wee look at this video of the intro to the show - hot off the edit decks - which reduced the whole of Team Stupid NY to tears last night.

Meanwhile, the NYC takeover continues:

-> Could the real New York Times have any better timing? Our best ever review in America's most influential paper on the morning of the premiere... A scorching appeal for humans to avoid knowingly up-ending the earth’s climate

-> And the Yes Men get up very early to hand out 100,000 copies of their fake New York Post all over town. Well, it's fake as in the Post didn't write it, but for once all the articles in their paper are accurate (and all about climate change... with lots of ads for a certain climate movie....). The Post's official response is a must-watch.

Gotta run... See you on the satellite link tonight... there's a last minute scramble going on for spots on the green carpet, so looks like it will be a celeb love-in... and the forecast is: sunshine.

Franny & Lizzie