High fashion, volcanic ash & Stupid stateside 16/4/2010

Morning all,

Seen the stories in the news about the 747 which survived flying through volcanic ash in the 80s? That's our plane! You remember, the one we bought last year and then chopped up and recycled in to the must-wear fashion-icon of 2010. Fashion icon my arse? Well, OK magazine says it is (see pic attached) so it must be true. And if you're feeling sheepish (in the fashion sense), you can now buy the tags on the 10:10 website. Though wearing one means you're cutting your emissions by 10%, so shop carefully.

First big news of the week is that The Age of Stupid is on TV in America this Saturday - at 10pm on a Discovery channel called Planet Green. A milestone indeed. Though looking at the listings just now, it says it's 120 mins long rather than 90.... hmmm, what extra 30 mins have they added?!? Anyhow, please tell your friends in the US.

Second big news (with apologies to anyone who's already heard this on the 10:10 list (which you can join by emailing addtolist@1010uk.org)) is that our very own Lizzie has a new day job: as the Queen Bee of 10:10 Global. From the moment we launched 10:10 UK last September, a zillion (well, 48 at the last count) organisations have been clamouring to kick off eg 10:10 Malaysia. We successfully convinced Lizzie to cancel her year off and she has now decamped to the 10:10 office where she is busily forging partnerships in many timezones - clearly we couldn't do it all ourselves from Camden, so we're going open-source. Hats off to 10:10 France (run by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, director of HOME), 10:10 New Zealand, 10:10 Netherlands, 10:10 Ghana, 10:10 Ireland and 10:10 Portugal, with Australia, Germany, America, South Africa and Belgium coming very soon. There's even a rumour that the Chinese government is considering rolling 10:10 out across China. Cor blimey. If your country is not on the list, fear not, everyone can sign up to cut their emissions (and their business's and their kids's school's and their medieval reenactment society's) at http://www.1010global.org. And if you fancy volunteering to run the campaign in your country, there's loads of info here.

Third big news is that we have joined forces with the most kick-ass climate organisers on the planet - 350.org, who last year pulled off 5,200 climate actions in 181 countries - and together we're going to coordinate the biggest-ever day of local climate action on... 10th October 2010 = 10:10:10, geddit?. With half a year still to go, 850+ "Work Parties" have so far been registered, including bike repair workshops in San Francisco, school insulating teams in London, waste-land-to-veggies-gardeners in Dunedin (NZ) and solar panel installers in Kenya. And there's already TV programmes about the day confirmed in two countries.

Not coincidentally, 10:10:10 is 10 weeks before the world's politicians meet again in Mexico to try to finalise the new climate deal they failed to make in Copenhagen. As 350's founder, Bill McKibben, puts it: "By getting to work in our communities, we can demand that our so-called leaders get to work in their parliaments, palaces and congresses". See the video of the Estonia "Country Clear-Up" for inspiration - or the barnraising scene in Harrison Ford's Witness. It'll be just like that, all over the world... except the women won't be only making lemonade or doing a spot of sewing.

LIzzie in Cannes picking up her "Green Trailblazer" award for Stupid's crowd-funding and Indie Screenings cunningness

Fourth big news is that 10:10's Lighter Later campaign to persuade the UK government to change the clocks and thereby stop a huge amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere unnecessarily (basically cos if it's lighter in the evenings, we don't use so much electricity to light our houses so as not to bump in to things - see full explanation here) has taken over the UK media, from usual suspects like the Guardian (New campaign to move Britain forward an hour), Observer (Who's going to tell cows they're going to get an hour's less sleep?) and Independent (A brave new dawn: should Britain change its clocks?) to unusual suspects like the Mirror (It's Time to Lighten Up) and Evening Standard(Campaigners call for extra daylight) to new friends like Mumsnet (Giving us an extra hour of daylight in the evenings) and Horticulture Wee(Garden centre industry calls for clocks to change to boost evening gardening). We even had a big spot on the main ITV news, though they didn't give the campaign name a plug, bah humbug.

Speaking of hassling the Government, the UK election is hotting up on the global warming front - you can Ask The Climate Question directly of your MP or bunk off work on April 26th with the Wake Up Walk Out campaign, which aims to persuade the new government to commit the UK to 42% emissions cuts rather than 34%.

Despite all these exciting things being genuinely very exciting, the thing that actually gives me the largest thrills is the team of builders outside my house installing a bit of London's new bike hire scheme. Wahey.

Over and out,

PS. Stupid Towers RIP