Did Stupid change your life? 25/3/2011

Morning all,

Hoping some of you may be able to help Stupid win a rather charming 50,000 euros via a new prize called The Impact Award: "A major new annual award to honour the documentary film creating the most significant impact in the world. Our aim is to draw attention to the finest social justice filmmaking, with a prize that underlines the role and importance of documentary film in society".

We're up against very stiff competition, especially from fishy film, The End of the Line, which succeeded in persuading everyone from Pret A Manger to Whiskas to only use sustainable fish. See their highly impressive impact report here.

So our question to you is: did Age of Stupid change your life? Did you set up a Transition Town? Or vow to not fly? Or join 10:10? Or change your job? Or install solar panels? Or choose to have less children? Or hold your own screening? Or persuade your kids' school to start recycling? Or did you use the film to fundraise for your campaign?

Also, if you were one of our crowd-funders, did you use the money you got back from Age of Stupid to fund other social action projects?

We would really, really, really, really appreciate hearing your stories, so we can include them in our application. We'll also make a webpage featuring them all, so please say if you'd rather we didn't publish your name. We won't include your contact details, of course.

Thank you so much.

Oh, by the way, the cash prize is split (50/50, I think) between the filmmakers and their campaign work.

In other news....
- We're still coming down from our double Oscar triumph. Well, sort of. Stupid's Exec Producer, Andrew Ruhemann, genuinely won an Oscar for his animated short film, The Lost Thing. And Colin Firth was one of the first 10 celebs to sign up to 10:10, so we feel perhaps inappropriately proud of his triumph. (Did you see Colin's wife Livia's brilliantly inspired "Green Carpet Challenge", where she wore dresses made of recycled clothes on all the red carpets?)
- My darling's BBC film about premature babies, "23 Week Babies", beat Jamie Oliver in the ratings. Result! He was hoping for a million viewers and ended up with almost two. "[Jamie] was narrowly beaten by BBC2 documentary 23 Week Babies, which had 1.903 million viewers, also a 7.9% share. You can tell it was close because we've gone to three decimal places."
- Lizzie's organising a screening of new doc "Force of Nature: The David Suzuki movie" on April 3rd to raise funds for her New Zealand Greens. She says that if you quote "Age of Stupid" when you book tickets you'll get 10 quid off (sounds a strange fundraiser which gives discounts, but what do I know).

If you're in the UK, don't forget to join what should be the biggest protest march since the Iraq war brain-rewirer in 2003 this Saturday. If you're unconvinced as to whether you care about the Tories' plans to gut our society, have a read of this article.

Best wishes,

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