Cash share-out & Lizzie's NZ tour 20/2/2012

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Just a quickie to say that the Stupid year three payments have now gone out, so all crew, participants and investors should have received their cash. If you haven't, please give us a shout on That was the third of the ten annual payments as per the crowd-funding agreement - though methinks this one might be the last of the reasonably-sized ones, as sales of the film are understandably slowing down now it's three years old. But you never know, my McLibel film had a huge rebirth seven years after it first came out, when the McLibel defendants finally won their case at the European Court and suddenly every TV station in the world wanted to play our film. I think we can safely, though sadly, assume that there will be lots of big climate events in the future which may well have the same impact on Age of Stupid sales.

The Iraqi family featured in Stupid are mainly still in Amman, Jordan and all are well, health-wise. As you can kind-of see from the attached pics, they spent their share of the Stupid profits on: "2 school bags with stationeries, 4 blankets + 4 pillows, kitchen stuff, including new refrigerater, pots, pans, 2 perfumes for Jamila, jaket for Malik, one jaket + school uniform for Noor, jaket + pajama + trouser for Jamila, Jilbab (Islamic dress) for Jamila, computer with its indexes for all family, oil for cooking, grocery stuff + food stuffs"

In the pics are Jamila (the spunky girl who liked impersonating Al Jazeera reporters and was a reluctant shoe-seller), who is now 17 and combining studying with market work, Malik (her elder brother who was burned badly in the war and who makes it across the border in the film) and their younger sister Noor (who was two in the film and only featured in the background of a few shots) who is attending school full time. The other brother Adnan (who spoke so movingly in the film about the death of their father) is now aged about 19 and has gone back to Iraq, where he is living with cousins and doing bits and pieces of work. A proportion of the family's Stupid cash was sent direct to him.

Message from Lizzie
"If any of you are in New Zealand please come along to one of my talks sponsored by the NZ Film Commission and WIFT NZ. I'm speaking in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch about the trials and tribulations of making The Age of Stupid over five long, and extremely fulfilling, years. The flyer is attached - please forward it on to Kiwi friends. It's the first time I've been home in three years and I'm not sure when I'll be back, so it would be great to see as many of the Kiwi contingent on this list at these talks as possible."

A big round of applause to Gregers Sall, who edited both McLibel and Drowned Out, and who last week won a Best Editing BAFTA for his work on the ace documentary Senna. The hot chick in the picture is San Davey - the assistant producer of McLibel, who introduced Spanner to her boyfriend when we were looking for an editor... and the rest is history.

More people doing more good stuff below.

Hope all's well wherever you are,

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