All happening downunder 17/8/2009

G'day from the Australian parliament of all places,

Going to break our own rule and send two emails today. This one is a load of chitchat you're highly welcome to ignore and the next is the final info on the Oz/NZ premiere & cinema release which we're hoping you might be kind enough to pass on to all your Aussie and Kiwi pals. As ever, we have zero advertising budget.

So, just two days to go and there'll be no slacking on this sunny Monday afternoon downunder. Team Stupid Oz/NZ is most definitely firing on all non-petrol-engine cylinders now:

- Production manager Adrian is coordinating a 24-strong filming & satelliting crew for Wednesday night's live extravaganza. Good job we've got a Jimmy Jib Assistant, an SNG and an AFM, don't you reckon?
- Graphics bod Rod has made a fantastic animation which flies all over Oz and NZ showing all the cinemas. It'll be screened in all the cinemas just before the live feed kicks in and is most definitely going to cause many a goosebump.
- The Sydney Theatre has banned plastic bottles and cups for the premiere and are sorting out mugs and taps to fill bottles
- The lighting team are revolutionising their working techniques - jargon alert - "By using Fluorescent & LED (Light Emitting Diodes), we have managed to bring the power consumption down to only 8.75amps per Phase (26.25 amps total), which is a 20amps 3 Phase power outlet used at 40% its capacity."
- Multitalented Zeina has been herding and filming international kids in the very room in Copenhagen where all our futures will be decided in December.