3 Biggest ever crowd-funded film raising over 1 million pounds
This is a bit more blurb on crowd-funding
2  Guinness World record biggest premiere
4  Box office No 1
5  1% emissions
1  McDonald's profits dived
 Law advertising junk food to kids
6 More than 1,000 people worked on Age of Stupid
7 Huffington Post said "a new dawn begins"
8 First ever joint Australia-New Zealand premiere
9 Total carbon footprint = X
10 Radiohead gave us a song for the credits
11 Online shopping list to fund our Stupid Show, with people donating money to cover the key costs
12 Ken Loach directed courtroom reconstructions in McLibel, for free
13 McSpotlight "blueprint for activist sites" and "XX"
14 Total viewers of all films over 50 million
15 McDonald's, Shell, Indian Government never sued
16 64 volunteers translated Stupid into 32 languages including X and X
17 1,000 Indie Screenings within first six months
18 Pete Postlethwaite thought he was doing voiceover
19 Found Pete P by googling
20 Lizzie's previous job was opening post in the cupboard at BBC
21 All three films nominated for Best Doc at BIFAs
22 12 internet lines underneath World Trade Center site for GP
23 Greenpeace hiked up to Himalayan glacier
24 Satellite company normally does Oprah, US Open tennis. Ours was most complicated.
25 Global Premiere - 1 million viewers in 63 countries
26 Didn't get nominated for Oscars
27 Franny Green Hero x 10
28 Stupid chimney painted by Greenpeace
29 Miliband changed coal policy within a month of ambush
30 Franny & Ed fought in public 7 times
31 Pete P suggested giving back his OBE, we just suggested not voting labour
33 MET office 6 degrees by 2060 - same as Franny/Mark research
34 Before old man in future was kids in future, Franny did test version
35 10:10 plane
36 10:10 early sign-ups and parliament
37 Kofi Annan XX
38 Stupid screened in 10 parliaments (X, X, X, X)
39 Al Gore said that 10:10 is "brilliant"
40 Maldives announced carbon neutral