Tickets on sale tomorrow, 10am

Location | Mood | Date 23 February 2009
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Franny Armstrong
23 February 2009
Looks like we're doing it then... tickets for the People's Premiere go on sale tomorrow at 10am from here:
Obviously the page will look very different in the morning.
In other news: 
- Our EU Parliament screening made it onto the BBC's Politics show on Sunday. Right at the end of the programme, after their reporter has lost his ill-conceived argument with the Green Party leader (and host of our screening) Caroline Lucas. The Not Stupid campaign also gets its first mention... the floodgates are opening...
- After bleeping a few more swearwords (thanks X a million to our long-suffering but ever-patient friends at The Farm) and replacing the dead baby, we our now the proud owners of a 12A certificate. Phew. See attached for the evidence: like a proper film or something, innit?. 12A means anyone can see it, but children 12 or under have to be accompanied by an adult. 
- The posters have arrived and are looking extremely beautiful. (See attached #2 and there'll be a download version on the website by tomorrow). Rhiannon and Erica have become a rolling and posting sweatshop, getting them all off to the cinemas. They'll be for sale in the shop very shortly, if anyone would like one:
- Remember we won  "Film Most Likely To Be A Cinema Hit" at a film market in France back in June? The prize was to get Stupid digitally encoded for cinema projection, and the tape has just this minute gone off to them. When it comes back it will be a box, not a tape, ready to reproduce itself for digital cinemas all across the country. Assuming no courier disasters, in which case all the viewers will be looking at black screens, eek.
- It's looking highly likely that we will get permission for almost all the crazy eco ideas for the premiere, though Lizzie and Adam are still battling to get some of them passed the Health & Safety inspectors. This time tomorrow we'll have definitive answers. 
Latest crazy requests: 
1. We called up the Guniness Book of Records to see whether our event is the biggest ever film premiere. Would be a great additional press angle if it is, and people in the know seem pretty sure that noone's ever attempted anything so ludicrous before: there'll be 16,000 viewers if we sell all the tickets. Only problem is that it takes 4-6 weeks to get an answer from Guinness, so we wouldn't know till after the event, at which point it's a non-story. Unless anyone fancies stumping up the 400 quid to get our application fast-tracked, in which case we'll know in 4 days? Our piggybank is empty or we'd pay ourselves. 
2. Does anyone have access to an outdoor space/yard/garage/playground in central London where 20 volunteers could make logs and bring wheelbarrows of chip fat on Friday March 13th? Oh yeah, and be filmed doing it by the news. As near to Leicester Square as possible. Please email
3. Anyone have a big school/office room anywhere in London which could squash in 32 foreign language volunteers checking subtitles over a weekend? Come to think of it, a classroom would be absolutely perfect. Please email:
Back tomorrow, 
fasten your seatbelts,