"It doesn't work, it cannot work, it will never work"

Location | Mood | Date 2 March 2009
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Franny Armstrong
2 March 2009

Morning all, 

Quick, quick, our hot-off-the-press Making Of documentary is on the Guardian homepage (next to the super-adorable Morph flashmob), but just for a couple of hours: http://www.guardian.co.uk
If we've been dumped by the time you read this, the direct link is: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/video/2009/mar/02/age-of-stupid-making-of
The doc is a 50 minute romp through every step of the process from the first fundraising evening way back in 2004 to adventures in Nigeria, Jordan, India, New Orleans, Podington & Chamonix, via an animation shoot in the Camden canal and a disastrous preview screening at the Curzon ("It doesn't work, it cannot work, it will never work"), right up to Pete Postlethwaite saving the day in the carpet warehouse in Willesden. Hats off to editor Justin who's had a total of three hours sleep since Friday to get it to the Guardian office at 7am this morning. 
Unbelievably, we sold all but one of the remaining shares this weekend, as a direct result of the Guardian profile piece on Saturday. (That's a cool 60,000 quid in the coffers, but, hang on to your hats Team Stupid, there'll be no holidays just yet, as that cash is just passing through on its way to paying for the Indie Screenings software and the production of the DVD). Which leaves just one little lonely 10K share left if anyone wants it...
Lots more press: 
- "Shot through with sardonic anger, but never despairingly so" - Don't Panic magazine review
- "Incredibly interesting as well as being, well, a bit terrifying" - Little White Lies review 
- "If you're not moved... your heart must have turned to stone" - Positive TV blog
- "If you care about yourself or your family and friends, you must see this film" - Attitude magazine (not online yet)
Big kudos to our champion rabble rousers who've already managed to sell out (or near-as-damn-it) their local cinemas: Ganga in Birmingham, Simon in Edinburgh, Dave in Maidenhead, Nicky & Pete in Exeter, Betty & Annie in Islington, Maria & Adrian in Oxford, Jerry & Jeremy in Bristol and Anthony in Norwich.  
But we're not doing so well in Blackburn, Bury, Inverness, Harrow, Leeds, Livingston, Longwell, Romford, Scunthorpe, Shepherds Bush, Southport, Staines and York. So please do forward the attached flyer to everyone you know in those places. And if anyone in London has kids, there's a special youth premiere in Fulham with young speakers and free action packs. (The film is 12A, so anyone under 12 has to be accompanied by an adult.)
Other speakers are confirming all over the shop and highlights now include:
- Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Towns at the Eden Project. [Book tickets]
- Tony Juniper, ex-director for FOE & leading light of The Big Ask campaign in Cambridge. [Book tickets]
- Pete Postlethwaite, Franny Armstrong, Mark Lynas and Ashok Sinha from Stop Climate Chaos in the solar tent. [Sold out]
- Mike Childs from FOE in York [Book tickets]
- Chris Goodall from the Guardian/Indie in Oxford [Book tickets]
- Martin Nicholls from Christian Aid in Exeter [Book tickets]
- Roger Creagh-Osborne from Airport Watch in Plymouth [Book tickets]
- Mike Robinson from Stop Climate Chaos in Glasgow [Book tickets] 
- Anella Wickenden from ActionAid in Islington [Book tickets]
- Chris Worrall from Oxfam in Manchester [Book tickets]
What will the bizarre request be this time: 
- 20 lovely volunteers needed this weekend, March 7/8, to help make up the action packs which, if all goes to plan, every viewer in every cinema will receive along with their ticket. That's, eek, 20,000 packs in two days. We can cover travel expenses within London and Lily and her pals are going to make everyone lunch. 10am-> 5pm in Islington. Please contact lily@ageofstupid.net if you can do one or both days. 
Presents all round: 
We've got a great big pile of beautiful posters crying out to be stuck up all over the country before the premiere. So if any of you have a great spot - an office, an NGO, a train station, a shop window, a school - where lots of people would see it, just email your postal address to rhiannon@ageofstupid.net and she'll get one in the post to you. UK-only though. If you'd care to make a five quid donation to cover the cost & postage, that'd be great, but not absolutely vital as our priority is to get the little darlings up. 
Think that's it for now. A smaller version of the flyer attached, sorry if the last one hogged your mail boxes. 
Back soon, 
Franny, Rhiannon & Justin