All Greek to you?

Location | Mood | Date 3 January 2009
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Franny Armstrong
3 January 2009

Goedendag Bonjour Tugjatjeta Salam Mambo Gamardjoba Ciào Namaskar Zdravstvuyte,

Had a nice time off?
Good, back to work then.

Anybody speak anything other than boring English as their first language and fancy helping us make the 20-language version of Stupid?

The plan is to get a mega-subtitled DVD ready for May-ish, when we release the film for anyone anywhere (nearly) to hold their own screening.

Obviously the more languages we can manage, the further the film can travel. Then again, it's only possible to fit 20 onto one DVD.

We're looking for two volunteers - who don't need to know each other, what with the magic of the internet - to do each language. One to do the first draft and the other to go through fine-tuning and double-checking. The first job is about six days, full-time, and the second about two days, so it's a big commitment. Both people need to have excellent English and be translating into their first language. The deadline is mid-Feb, six weeks from now.

I'm sorry that we can only afford to pay a token amount to each person, so it is really a voluntary job. But of course you'll get a credit on the DVD and website. And you'll be helping the film reach, hopefully, hundreds of thousands of viewers who wouldn't otherwise be able to see it.

The only languages we don't need are French and Italian, as we did French for the La Rochelle screenings and we've got Italian covered by a kind film festival in Milan. Any others are very very welcome.

Please email Katie Barlow at who is coordinating the whole thing.

And if you're bored of Xmas telly, there's a little film about Stupid winning the spooky head here:
Just in case you're wondering, I'm hopping about cos it was so darn cold in Sheffield.

Mikwec et au revoir