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Location | Mood | Date 10 March 2009
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Franny Armstrong
10 March 2009


Very quick one, bit busy with somethingorother.
We've now closed the competition to get your hands on tickets to the premiere. And the winner of two tickets to the solar tent in Leicester Square is.... Mr K Jenkins. Are you out there Mr K Jenkins? (We haven't heard back from him yet. If he doesn't reply in a day or two, we'll redraw.) Thanks so much to everyone who entered the draw, which raised a total of 3803 pounds  for the Not Stupid action campaign, which Pete P is going to launch at the premiere. 
Thanks so much to the 43 people who took over Greenpeace's offices all weekend and packed an amazing 9,500 action packs (full of stickers, certificates, local action plans and everything the viewers need to turn into climate activists). Paul and Chris also took over the warehouse to paint the banner for the solar cinema tent. 
Apologies to anyone who is sick of us and has been trying to get off this list. The problem is that the server is quite often out of action. So the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email does work in general, but it might not be working at any particular time. Just try again later and you should be lucky. If you just hit reply to this message, asking nicely to be taken off, then the email comes to me and I pass it on to our intern who comes in once a week. So you will be taken off by that method, but it will take longer. 
Press to keep an eye out for this week: 
- Sight and Sound review out now "the power of this apocalyptic overture knocks you back"
- Another big feature in The Sun, fingers crossed
- Franny on the Robert Elms BBC Radio London show tomorrow, 2.30pm
- Leo on Resonance radio, tomorrow, 8pm
- Plus all the reviews in all the papers will be out either this week or next. Rumours abound that we've got "film of the week" in some of the biggies...
More help needed: 
* Does anyone live or work near one of the premiere cinemas which is not yet sold out? The list is here: http://www.ageofstupid.net/premiere 
Please email your name, address and which cinema to boo@ageofstupid.net if you could help by giving out flyers outside the cinema. Boo will post you 200 flyers to arrive Thurs am, so any time you could give them out before Sunday would be perfecto and much appreciated. 
* oneclimate are looking for volunteers this coming Thursday, 9.30am->1.30pm, to finish entering data into their mega climate-activists database, which will be a big part of the new Not Stupid website. Oneclimate are in central London, near Southwark tube station. They're looking for six people and will provide food and drinks. Contact: anna.cohen@oneworld.net
More soon,