Wonder how much oil goes into one tray of airline food?

Location Plane to Amman, Jordan | Mood Nostalgic | Date 4 August 2006
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Franny Armstrong
Plane to Amman, Jordan
Death of Love, Band of Holy Joy (sadly I'm not playing on this, one of their greatest moments): "Well now the planet shudders on and dark clouds climb wearily through toxic skies, You said 'I don't care where I dump my carcass when I die, just cut my body open and let my soul fly"
4 August 2006
Current silver lining: 
Heading towards the Middle East

Not sure what exactly changed - perhaps panic that we haven't even found our final character yet - but we're heading out to Jordan, despite the ongoing war.

Lizzie's a few aisles away being tortured by a screaming baby. I have the headphones and laptop. Sure is good being the boss.

Some pretty profound life and death stuff has been going on post Crude-Camp-with-Mark. Like when someone is diagnosed with terminal illness and gets six months to live - or if they survive a near-death experience - they often say their whole perspective changes.

I feel like we have collectively been given, say, six years to live (hey, there's an alternative Crude title. Reminds me: gotta get onto the title search thing to see if we can have Crude). And, with that realisation, life has gone technicolor.

The Pet Shop Boys just shuffled randomly onto my headphones to describe it.... "Somehow the grass is much greener, rivers flow faster and cleaner... The sunset is deeper and longer, the scent of the jasmine is stronger"

How this fits in with The Boy, I'm not sure. Follow potential true love through thick or thin? Or admit that you can't change the rules to suit yourself, however much you want to? (Or if you do, who the hell are you to convince other people not to?) Could I live in Tel Aviv? Could I only see my family and friends every few years? I don't think so.

Gotta stop writing as plastic dinner is coming round. Wonder how much oil goes into one tray of airline food. Hey, that'd be a good scene we could do with our airline - oops, no we can't, they are low-cost, bring-your-own-samosas.