Any animators out there?

Location Soho Cafe | Mood Enthusiastic | Date 21 September 2007
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Lizzie Gillett
Soho Cafe
Cappuccino machine doing its hissing frothing thing
Sore throat from enthusiasm
21 September 2007
Current crisis: 
Animators keep quitting cos of low pay
Current silver lining: 
New devastated world designs are amazing
My current role in life is meeting animators and attempting to persuade them to work on our film. There's plenty of them and they all love the sound of the project, think it's very worthwhile, would love to get their work onto the big screen and creatively it's very exciting but then as soon as I mention our meager survival wages, they start mumbling about how they're booked on a slimfast / catfood / plastic crap commercial and will have to get back to me.


It's frustrating to meet all these talented, creative, ambitious people who claim not to enjoy doing commercial work but feel they have no choice but to do it for the money. Imagine what could be achieved if they all worked on changing the public perception of climate change?
I'm going to send them all a copy of George Monbiot's essay on why giving your working life to something pointless is an early death.



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