Girl meets boy

Location Organic farmhouse in Kent | Mood Lovestruck teenager | Date 27 April 2006
Author (full name): 
Franny Armstrong
Organic farmhouse in Kent
Lovestruck teenager
Boozy Beatles singalong last night still echoing
Sore head from four hours' sleep in two nights
27 April 2006
Current crisis: 
He's gone
Current silver lining: 
We've met

Despite numerous invigorating discussions with my 12 fellow filmmakers - half from Camden Town, half from rest of planet - and plenty of excellent solutions to Crude's various problems - I have now officially lost all interest in films, filmmaking, Crude, climate change and saving the world. And, what's worse, I've done so for the oldest reason in the book: girl meets boy.

Unfortunately, the particular boy has now gone back home. Back to Tel Aviv, a 6-hour, 0.47 tonne flight away.

Now what was I saying about flying only being justifiable when fighting climate change? Should I never see him again for the sake of a future planet, which is clearly doomed anyway? Does it count if he flies over here to see me? Can you sail to Israel?