An(other) absolutely life-changing experience

Location On floor of Miami airport | Mood Almost hyperventilating with emotion | Date 16 June 2006
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Franny Armstrong
On floor of Miami airport
Almost hyperventilating with emotion
"Here's To Life" over and over again
Heart beating too fast
16 June 2006

9 months after Katrina hit New Orleans the devastation is still shocking9 months after Katrina hit

We have had an(other) absolutely life-changing experience in New Orleans. The way Crude is going, we're having once-in-a-lifetime experiences several times a week. My poor brain - not to mention heart, not to mention friends - can hardly keep up with all the developments. Feel like Arnie in Terminator 2 where he's walking towards 10 cops firing various weapons at him, all of which are bouncing off temporarily knocking him off his stride and blowing bits off his metallic body. But still he keeps right on walking.

Seems that all my various obsessions from various stages of life - music recording, skiing, French, low-budget travelling, photography - are all coming out of the woodwork to contribute to Crude. Or, more likely, maybe I'm choosing the stories that fit with my favourite themes.

Lizzie and I were wondering last night how we're possibly going to cope when the endlessly-generating era is over and we have to return to some kind of normal life. I suspect a six-month black cloud period of adjustment followed by decades of reminiscing.

Don't think it's a coincidence that I've started an impossible relationship in these impossible circumstances. Once you get on a crazy adrenalin path, things follow.

Composer Alf, who played keyboards & accordion to the left of my drums in The Band Of Holy Joy, always seems to invite adventure wherever he goes. Shy 19-year-old Franny did not, so tried to analyse why. Concluded it was as simple as not having the "better not" switch that stops most people before things get out of hand.

Now heading home via Boston to see my brother, his wife and my favourites. Spoke to them earlier and they were screaming down the phone in excitement - hope they won't be too disappointed by the reality of a ravaged Auntie Franny.