Buy A Share

8th July 2009: We are today releasing the last 10 shares of £10,000 each. 

This is your last chance to own a slice of the Stupid profits.

For full details of how this works, please see the crowd-funding FAQ and the Funding Plan at the bottom of this page. Basically, the deal is that you give us your 10K (or 20K or 30K etc) and we give you a percentage of the income from The Age of Stupid, paid once a year for ten years. (In exceptional circumstances we can sell a half share* for 5K for people who are really really keen, but really really can't stretch to 10k). You also get a credit on the DVD and website. If you move very fast and buy a share* before Monday 13th July, we can also include your name in the credits of the film, as we're going back into the studio to make the master tape for the Global Premiere.

If you'd like to have a chat before making a decision, please email our new Head of Finance, Andrew Douglas, on Send him your number if you prefer to talk on the phone.
If you'd like to go ahead, just download the Letter of Agreement from the bottom of this page and sign & post it to us, along with a cheque made out to One-Off Productions. Or you can pay by bank transfer - ask Andrew. (If you're trying to get in fast to get your name on the credits, you'll have to pay by transfer.)
It's first come first served on these last ten shares*. We were over-subscribed for the earlier funding rounds, so if you're interested, hurry hurry. 
* According to our lawyers, they're not technically shares, but some clever form of loan that's sort of like a share. See the FAQ for more.
Stupid Final Funding Plan 09.pdf1.64 MB
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