November, 2009

Weirdos on our website this weekend

Location | Mood | Date 19 November 2009
Hello, We're making individual web pages for the 1000-odd people who've worked on Stupid and our other films over the years (that's the "more than 1,000" people, not the "1,000 weirdos") during the web blitz this weekend. If you've helped out in any way - from funders to lawyers to translators to flyer-giving-out-volunteers - and would like to be included, email by 6am this Saturday morning (don't bother sending in afterwards as it will fall into a cyber black hole).

Boris eat your heart out

Location | Mood | Date 12 November 2009
Evening All, Wow. Boris eat your heart out. In less than 24 hours since sending our SOS, Stupid supporters have cycled to Team Stupid's rescue and snapped up 11 of the last 20 shares (55,000 of the 100,000 pounds) - and 93 people have paid for 2,331 quids worth of stuff for the Stupid Show (loving all the comments you've all been writing - camera-gal Zeina and writer Mark Lynas seem to be particular popular for some reason. Hmmmm, why is that?)

Rescued by Boris... and you?

Location | Mood | Date 11 November 2009
<<< STOP PRESS. Sold Stupid to the BBC at the weekend. Confirmed they will broadcast before or during Copenhagen. Yahey >>> Afternoon, Yes it is true, the Mayor of London did rescue me from some feral kids* last week, all the gory details below. But on to a rather more serious rescue... looks like Team Stupid will be bankrupt by the end of this week... eek...

DVDs R Us (@ last)

Location | Mood | Date 31 October 2009

10:10 storms Parliament

Location | Mood | Date 21 October 2009
Morning, Big news first....

Happy 10/10 Day... Win a 15k eco makeover

Location | Mood | Date 10 October 2009
Happy 10/10 Day, Whilst Team Stupid have been busying themselves with the small matter of launching some film or other simultaneously in 63 countries ("all in a sticky-tape and scissors rocket" - Angus, Italy), Team 10:10 have been hatching a genuinely brilliant competition to mark this, the 10th day of the 10th month...Yes, one very lucky Ten Tenner is going to win a complete green makeover of their home, worth at least £15,000, courtesy of the Great British Refurb.

One potentially-fatal inflatable ball not enough

Location | Mood | Date 7 October 2009
Hello.... ... they said meekly, emerging blinking from under a large pile of rolled up posters in a corner of a big empty office on 34th Street, New York New York.