April, 2009

Friends in high places?‏

Location | Mood | Date 29 April 2009
Morning,  1.33am in Camden Town. Too tired to write anything decent, so here's a list:  - Dream job still going at Stupid Towers, deadline tomorrow. "Web-minded Project Leader for Not Stupid campaign". Details here

Revolutionising film distribution since 2009

Location | Mood | Date 17 April 2209
Morning,  After five whole weeks, the Odeon West End has finally decided to stop screening Stupid. Bloody brilliant to get five consecutive weeks, but the extended run has slightly held us up.  We weren't allowed to announce competing plans while the movie was in the cinema - hence all the "please hang on" replies to all your emails asking when you can screen it. Anyhow, now we've finally been dropped, we can move on to... 

Global politics & local jobs

Location | Mood | Date 14 April 2009
Hello from Stupid Towers, our new office with windows which open and space aplenty for cat-swinging, Not that we're going to have all this legroom for long: two more adverts for two more people below. Please pass them on to anyone you know who doesn't want to see their family or friends for the rest of the year. 

Permanently Stupid

Location | Mood | Date 1 January 1970
Bonjour de Paris,  This week's most thrilling email: "I am a curator at the BFI [British Film Institute] National Film Archive and we are very keen to acquire a copy of The Age of Stupid for permanent preservation in the archive... The importance of the film's issues led to an instant selection decision."  - Pause for enormity to sink in - 

Two more deadlines swoosh by

Location | Mood | Date 2 April 2009
Evening all,  To paraphrase Douglas Adams, don't you just love the whooshing sound deadlines make as they fly by? 

Bored right now?

Location | Mood | Date 27 March 2009
Morning If anyone's bored this morning/lunchtime, there's a gang out on the streets of London giving out free copies of a spoof Financial Times from 2020 (in which Age of Stupid gets a few mentions). They're in need of more helpers, so please call 07779792675 if you'd like to join them. Detailed info from them below or at: http://ft2020.com. Nice day for it.

Miliband, Postlethwaite, Livingstone, Simms... what a line-up

Location | Mood | Date 21 March 2009

Age of Stupid in UK cinemas from TODAY

Location | Mood | Date 20 March 2009
Hello "The Age of Stupid" opens in UK cinemas TODAY. Please take everyone you've ever met - along with ten of their friends - to one of the cinemas listed below this weekend. And, while you're at it, please forward the attached flyer to every longlost pal and mailing list you're vaguely connected to. 

A lot of words from a lot of mouths

Location | Mood | Date 20 March 2009
Morning all, 

The Evidence

Location | Mood | Date 25 April 2009
Evening all, There's a bloody great tent and banks of solar panels in Leicester Square. How on earth did someone get permission for something so outlandish?!?? See pics attached. Note also: sunshine. Sorry we haven't made this totally clear - lots of people have been asking - but anyone not in the UK will be able to watch the green carpet shenanigans live on our website: http://www.ageofstupid.net/premiere_webstream But not the whole film obviously. There's also a live event in Second Life: http://www.oneclimate.net/stupid_premiere