January, 2009

Hijacking King Lear

Location | Mood | Date 29 January 2009
Evening, Sure you're all far too busy and important to be watching breakfast telly of a morning, so you'll have missed Stupid's starring role on the BBC sofa on Tuesday, courtesy of Pete P who was on there talking about being King Lear: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=x4f-DTqKdyM

Stirring the Scots

Location Edinburgh Filmhouse | Mood Intrepid | Date 13 January 2009
Hello, my name is Daniel Vockins and I’m Not Stupid's new Campaign Coordinator for the coming year. I’ll be overseeing the premiere, release week and lots of the Not Stupid campaign work in what is almost without doubt the best job in the world.

All Greek to you?

Location | Mood | Date 3 January 2009
Goedendag Bonjour Tugjatjeta Salam Mambo Gamardjoba Ciào Namaskar Zdravstvuyte, Had a nice time off?Good, back to work then. Anybody speak anything other than boring English as their first language and fancy helping us make the 20-language version of Stupid? The plan is to get a mega-subtitled DVD ready for May-ish, when we release the film for anyone anywhere (nearly) to hold their own screening. Obviously the more languages we can manage, the further the film can travel. Then again, it's only possible to fit 20 onto one DVD.