August, 2008

"Family before the film"... Lizzie leaves

Location Heathrow airport | Mood Adrenalised (packing 10 mins before leaving) and worried (what did I forget) | Date 1 October 2008
After six years of putting my work first I am heading home to spend time with my family.  I've been putting the trip off for about a year, waiting until we finish the film, constantly pushing back my plans and promises to other people. In our initial funding plan from December 2004 we stated that going by conservative estimates the film would premiere in June 2007, so while we're only about 18 months over schedule - not bad for a project that has snowballed in size - I feel desperate to go back to New Zealand.

Lizzie on the telly

Location | Mood | Date 31 August 2008
Lizzie organised a Stupid screening to persuade Kiwis living in London to vote Green at the New Zealand election in November... and only went and got a great big feature on the main evening news: Onwards & upwardsFranny

What did Pete think of the film?

Location | Mood | Date 9 August 2008