The History of War

Animation director Jonathan Hodgson explains how eight consecutive mornings in a Kentish Town cafe led to eight consecutive months with no sleep to build what many people think is the best two minutes in the whole film.

Polar Bear to Refugee Camp

"Let's pull out from a dead polar bear, across a camp of millions of refugees, then fly along the coast til we arrive at The Archive building" said director Franny naively. Visual effects supervisor Greg McKneally and Marc Knapton's furry white glove achieved the impossible, only to be told some rather disturbing news.

Creation of the Universe

Animation students Leo Murray and Bill Porter recreate the big bang by dropping some milk into a goldfish bowl in the basement of their college.

The Archive, inside and out

Once it was decided that Pete's character was living in a mammoth concrete storage structure built on enormous legs in the melted Arctic powered by futuristic wind turbines and housing everything that humanity had ever achieved, along with two of each animal and plant species in suspended animation, all we had to do was make it.

Devastated World of 2055

If the biggest-budget Hollywood movies (with the possible exception of I Am Legend) can't make a convincing destroyed planet, how the hell are we going to do it with 20p? Enter animation director Martyn Pick, a man with a dark heart and the latest version of photoshop.

Future Computer Interface

There was a certain amount of despair after the first three attempts to build an interactive future computer "better than Minority Report" collapsed. But then animator Greg mentioned that the Japanese guy who shared his studio, Taiyo Nagano, had designed some computer game interfaces that weren't useless. [Content coming soon]


Bad Futures

Animator Cath Elliott explains how to represent the upcoming fifty years of social and economic collapse in a not-crap way, with only one laptop, one pot of coffee and a password for the BBC and ITN archive libraries.




List of every animation and graphic sequence in the film.