Screenings in Spain

22nd November. This page is under construction, sorry for all the mess. The screening information is correct.

A country where climate change is a low lying issue this turned into one of the most successful countries involved in the Global Premiere on September 2nd, 2009, with cinemas in Madrid packed out.

So after a weekend of emergency flyering in which I found that the people of Madrid were distinctively more interested in climate change than the media, things took a turn for the better early this week and it finally looked like we would not be showing the film to empty seats. The major peak in interest followed, not just taking to streets with flyers but also the key success of getting the coalition of 31 NGOs on board and getting them to finally send the information down the line to their members. There were also some outside this coalition that came out in support - like the young greens. Another NGO realised however that although they loved the film they couldn't put their name in support because they were working with Shell! Well, we survived without them!

Cines Ideal, which was the centre of the premiere in Spain, sold out, which was great (335 seats). We had there a great big candlelit greencarpet and some local celebrities arriving by bike with number plates made out of old floppy disks saying 'one car less'. In the screening I gave a quick round up of what was going on elsewhere saying that it was time to act now and that we could start in 90 minutes with the activist packs and postcard to the president (Greenpeace asked me speak 15 minutes before so it's a wonder I managed to get the words out in spanish!) then the Director of Greenpeace Spain, Juan Uralde, gave a small introduction to the film warning about the run-up to copenhaguen etc. I have heard today that Yelmo cinema en Barcelona was also packed out with a great atmosphere and that the other cinema there had around 100 people.

Key Achievements
- turning around rumours of the film being too catastropic for the spanish public (although the catastropic theme does continue to arise and it seems to be something deep in the Spanish consciousness that after 50 years of a dictatorship people are adverse to being scared into action, but never mind, stirring up a debate doesn't do any harm)
- gaining support of coalición clima
- Happily suprising the cinema with the turn-outs. They had been in deep doubt of our abilities to bring numbers up to double figures and hadn't been willing to re-point their satellites for Age of Stupid because there was Opera on the next day. I hope they now realise that the people are Madrid are also interested in Climate Change, not just Opera.
- Making age of stupid talk of the town and hopefully inspiring a whole new generation of ideas for the launch of the Indie Screenings from a whole breadth of different groups. Many groups attended and all were enthusiastic and impressed.
- inspiring people who came to the film. People came out inspired and I have to pass you all many comments of 'congratulations' and 'good work' and people saying this is really important and that everyone should see it. People loved the characters.
- Stimulation of climate issues, such as flying, previously missing from the agenda of those inside and outside of the environmental movement here.
- Making friends with the police and getting them to sign postcards!
- Getting a broad range of media coverage and penetrating the world of the bloggers.

Ok, cheers people! News from the rest of the world sounds inspirational, good work!


AOS Spanish Coordinator

On September 21st / 22nd, on the eve of the UN General Assembly's climate session, The Age of Stupid was launched internationally at the biggest and greenest live film event the world has ever seen. A-list celebrities walked the green carpet to an eco cinema tent in downtown New York, linked by satellite to 700 cinemas in 50+ countries. Take a look at the photos below from the events around the world and see the Global Premiere page for the full report.

The Age of Stupid DVD double-disc extravaganza, in 31 languages and with more than six hours of Extras is now available to pre-order here. From October 5th anyone anywhere can buy a license to screen The Age of Stupid in their school/pub/church/multinational oil corporation. First screening date: October 24th (=international day of climate action). More info from the Indie Screenings website or join the mailing list for a reminder when booking opens.

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