Screenings in Costa Rica

22nd November. This page is under construction, sorry for all the mess. The screening information is correct.

It's no surprise that, in a country which announced plans to be carbon neutral by 2021, the people of Costa Rica were going to be hugely supportive of the film. At a wide range of climate related events throughout 2009, Costa Rica has shown it's commitment to tackling Climate Change and it is expected that this trend will continue through 2010 and beyond.

I wanted to give you a taste of what happened in Cine Magaly, San Jose, Costa Rica last night...

Approximately 200 people joined us in the private screening to watch AGE OF STUPID including:

- Tom Kennedy, British Ambassador for Costa Rica and Nicaragua

- Sylvia Leon and Carolina Mauri, representatives from the government initiative Peace with Nature (which is helping Costa Rica to become Carbon Neutral by 2021)

- Lidieth Carballo, Vice Minister for the Ministry of Environment for Costa Rica

- Daniel and Miguel Bermejo, Directors of Efecto Reversible (

- Sylvia Marin and Lilian Marquez from WWF Central America - students from Universidad de Costa Rica (who had travelled about 2 hours on the bus to get there and were waiting patiently outside the cinema an hour before the film started)

- 13 year-old prize-winning inventor, Juan Pablo Alfaro Umaña

- normal, every day people like you and me who are concerned about climate change and various members of the press.

We also screened for the first time in Costa Rica a short called ACT NOW! from The Big Ask and, for the first time in the world, the trailer for the film Odyssey 2050 The Movie - (The film fell into my hands at 6:10pm and the screening was for 7pm! - These guys worked around the clock to get this trailer in on time and it was brilliant.)

After the film we asked Franz Tattenbach, (he is an expert in climate change issues and represents Costa Rica in the process of global climate change agreements) to give his opinion of the film and the Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen in December.

That was followed by an open floor debate in which many people had a chance to discuss their concerns about the subject. Thereafter we had a drinks reception so that people could continue to discuss the matter and network, thus making new contacts.

The event was a massive success and that's all thanks to you for having made the film available to us. Without the film there would have been no event.

Thank you for your support during this busy time, we appreciate it more than you can ever imagine!

Regards Kate

On September 21st / 22nd, on the eve of the UN General Assembly's climate session, The Age of Stupid was launched internationally at the biggest and greenest live film event the world has ever seen. A-list celebrities walked the green carpet to an eco cinema tent in downtown New York, linked by satellite to 700 cinemas in 50+ countries. Take a look at the photos below from the events around the world and see the Global Premiere page for the full report.

The Age of Stupid DVD double-disc extravaganza, in 31 languages and with more than six hours of Extras is now available to pre-order here. From October 5th anyone anywhere can buy a license to screen The Age of Stupid in their school/pub/church/multinational oil corporation. First screening date: October 24th (=international day of climate action). More info from the Indie Screenings website or join the mailing list for a reminder when booking opens.

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