Alex Graham

investor_Alex Graham
Kentish Town, London, UK
Day job:
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Dream job:
Making interesting, popular television
The Age of Stupid
Planning to spend profits on:
A new Range Rover


Born in Glasgow in 1953, Alex runs Wall to Wall where he has executive produced lots of programmes including The 1900 House, George Orwell – A Life in Pictures and most recently Who Do You Think You Are ? Alex chairs PACT Council and is a member of the board of the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. He's a fellow of the Royal Television Society, the Royal Society of Arts and a visiting fellow of the University of Bournemouth’s Media School.

Actually I've never met Warren Buffett. I'm not even sure what I think about climate change. But I do know that the range of opinion and debate in the media is getting narrower and we need people like Franny and Lizzie and we need movies like this. So this is less an investment in the future of the planet and more an investment in the future of dissent. If that makes sense ...