Canonbury Collective

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London & the South-East, UK
Day job:
And again!
Dream job:
And again!
The Age of Stupid
Original connection:
Hervé - via Ceri - to others... and it spread like a spider's web...
Planning to spend profits on:
would need to ask individual members...


The person who helped form the Canonbury Collective was Hervé, who first heard about CRUDE through his friend, Ceri; he'd already seen the film McLibel, and enjoyed this, and so was happy to get involved. Hervé was then able to persuade others (friends and acquaintances) to join the Syndicate. This is how Betty, Tessa, Anthony, Catherine, and the "Cindy&Cate Syndicate", came to join the Canonbury Collective. Still short of a few quid, Ceri got us in touch with the Sathidaar Syndicate, and finally, Franny connected us with Adil.

It is the hope of all the members of the Canonbury Collective, that this small investment in the making of this film/documentary, may lead to positive significant changes, including a better grasp of the global challenges ahead of us.

The Canonbury Collective is a loosely bound group of individuals (and subsidiary syndicates), of diverse backgrounds but who all share a concern for the well-being of our planet, who chipped in together to invest in a single £5000 share (or loan agreement).

The members of the Collective are:

1. Hervé Nourisson; (see individual profile)

2. Betty Harris; (see individual profile)

3. Tessa Crichton-Miller;

4. Anthony Wilsdon;

5. Catherine Saunders;

6. Cindy & Cate Syndicate:

The Cindy & Cate syndicate are nano­-share participants (with £50 each) of the Canonbury Collective.
We are: Sian Hender, Katie Lamburt, Mara Benetti, Rikki Blue, Jo Lindsay, Dennis Duncan, Joseph Smithson, Sarah Case, Joe Gibbons, Sue Keen

7. Sathidaar Syndicate;

8. Adil Vittachi.