Matthew Gillett

Legal Consultant
crew_Matthew Gillett
Den Haag
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
1 Year
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
My sister ran off to London and joined the Crude Circus
Memorable moment:
Meeting Piers and Lisa's children in Chamonix
Scared of:
Unpaid fines
Guilty of:
Having operated every type of vehicle - car, forklift, truck, boat, plane, etc...


Born a sickly runt, Matthew soon out-ate his female siblings to become the biggest and strongest of the Gillett children. After a brief flirtation with the Silver Screen, which ended abruptly when sister Lizzie overlooked him for the role of presenter of her TV Sports Show - The Score, Matthew was drawn into the fast-paced glamourous lifestyle of legal proof-reading, an activity which he continues to carry out in increasingly exotic settings, including the International Criminal Court and the United Nations, and now for Crude!

Its not often that you have the chance to be involved in an organic movement that is at the same time focused and flexible, communal and competent, and above all desirous of drawing the World's attention to a problem that is clear, present and potentially apocalyptic. As Nations awaken to this shared threat, the growing Crude Community serves as a beacon, lighting the long path towards a sustainable future. It is a Community to which I am proud to belong.

Stuff done:

  • TV News Journalist, 2005-2006 Ann Arbor USA : Cable Current Affairs Show Story Writer and Presenter
  • Student Film Awards: Creator of "Gamed Out" - a sci-fi exploration of the mind of a computer game character


  • Augustine: In the absence of Justice what is Sovereignty but organised robbery