Miriam Saxl

crew_generic translator
Oxford, UK
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
2? (little bits over two years...)
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Totally bike
Original connection:
Polly and Boo
Scared of:
being in denial over climate change myself
Guilty of:
still wanting to go to far away places and considering possibly flying at some point (though all short haul has finished! and I'm proud.)

COIN is an action-centered, education-centered climate change charity, running a range of interesting projects. Our mission statement is that we seek to create a 'powerful and vocal community' able to push forward climate
change action and policies.


** Climate Change Speaker Training - day-long workshops for the public, giving them the materials and confidence to deliver carefully-put-together, thoughtful half hour talks on climate change to any
group they may chose;

** Action Groups - designed to enable groups of residents to take self-directed action on climate change, with other like-minded individuals;

** The Ecovation Initiative - bringing together a community if 'eco-renovators' to exchange info and best practice - see www.ecovation.org.uk;

** Speaker Events - e.g. in the past few months, Mark Lynas' booklaunch for 'Six Degrees';

** Climate School - intensive residential courses for all on climate change...

Also see www.aliveearth.org for an alternative to Live Earth!


  • Bill McKibben, Los Angeles Times : Would you rather have a new, bigger television, or a new friend? More and better don't lie in the same direction anymore. And that's good news, at a moment when good news is scarce.