Peter Armstrong / Anuradha Vittachi

investor - Peter Amstrong and Anuradha Vittachi
In the woods, Oxfordshire
Day job:
Founders of
Dream job:
Same as now, but with funding pouring in
The Age of Stupid
Original connection:
Bodily fluids
Planning to spend profits on:
Plugging gaping hole in pensions


Anuradha is co-founder of the OneWorld Network and co-director of OneWorld UK. She is also Crude director Franny Armstrong 's step-mum.

She works round the clock putting together funding bids, kindling the team spirit, offering her editorial voice and shaping OneWorld’s future. She has an amazing ability to bump into just the right person - whether they be willing journalists or generous funders – and charms them with her warmth and passion.

Anuradha escaped from Sri Lanka into political exile with her journalist family when she was thirteen. She keeps up the family tradition of using journalism to create positive change globally.

She is an award-winning TV documentary maker and has interviewed the Dalai Lama and Mikhail Gorbachev. She is the author of Stolen Childhood: In Search of the Rights of the Child, accompanied by a Channel Four series; Earth Conference One, about global survival; and has contributed to Electronic Empires, focusing on the impact of new media on global social relations. And she was editor for the New Internationalist, (1980-6), on issues relating to child rights. She has also published articles on global justice issues worldwide, including on OneWorld websites.

In 1985, she was the keynote speaker at the UN General Assembly at the UNIS International Youth Year conference, and was chosen to be the UK’s civil society delegate for the DOTforce – the Digital Opportunity Taskforce – exploring ways to bridge the digital divide, by the G8 in November 2000.

In 1995, Anuradha and Peter created OneWorld, which has blossomed into a global network of people and NGOs striving for human rights and sustainable development.



Peter is co-founder of the OneWorld Network and director for the OneWorld International Foundation. He is also Crude director Franny Armstrong' s dad.

Thanks to his innovative use of all forms of media, his powerful beliefs in global social justice and his passion for gadgets, OneWorld has become cutting edge in harnessing media technology to benefit people who need it most.

During 20 years as a BBC radio and TV producer, Peter helped push the corporation into the digital era and created groundbreaking documentaries like Everyman and Global report, which won the United Nations Association Peace Prize. He founded and edited the acclaimed Domesday project in 1983, bringing together millions of UK citizens to produce an interactive record of Great Britain. He created the award-winning Interactive Television Unit in 1986, and became its chair when it floated as the MultiMedia Corporation.

In February 2004, he won a Special Lifetime Award at the BAFTA Interactive Awards for his contribution to the digital industry.

Peter is a policy advisor to governments and international bodies on the use of information and communications technology for global sustainable development. And he is a trustee of the charity Accenture Development Partnerships.

Peter and Anuradha launched OneWorld from their home in 1995. Now it has grown into a global network connecting people around the world who support human rights and sustainable development.