Manal Massalha

Arabic Translator and Hebrew Editor
In my cosy study, London, UK
Day job:
Research Student, photographer and Freelance Arabic interpreter
Dream job:
Field researcher and documentary photographer
Time on the job:
Two weeks
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
Great Katie Barlow
Why did you get involved?:
Being a big environmentalist and wanting to contribute to the millions of Arabs of the Middle East
Scared of:
Climate change and reckless drivers
Guilty of:
Not having enough time and money for my photography projects. Nor enough time for activism.
Planning to spend profits on:
Have not got money but if I did I would spend it on setting up a Bicycle project in Palestine and on my documentary photography project.
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Yes, of course. It is not a divine problem but human made. Other countries have done it. Socialist Cuba is the most environmentally sustainable country in the World. With more campaigns to raise awareness we can definitely do it.


I am a Palestinian woman who resides in London. Currently I am doing my PhD in sociology at the London School of Economics. Photography forms a crucial part of the research, documenting spatial daily practices and every day life in Palestine. I completed my MSc in Human Rights at the same university and hold an MA in Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies and Western European Studies. I work as a freelance interpreter in the health care system in London. I am a human rights activist and before moving to London, I lived and worked in Jerusalem in the field of human rights and education. I’m fluent in three languages: Arabic, English and Hebrew and speak basic French. I translated a few documentary films. I love photography and I am self-taught photographer. I document daily life of people in Palestine, Israel, child labour, refugee women and multi-cultural Britain.