Jerry Cowhig

investor - Jerry Cowhig
Bristol, UK
Day job:
Managing Director, Institute of Physics Publishing
Dream job:
General director of an opera company
The Age of Stupid
Original connection:
I bought McLibel off the website and so got on Franny's email list
Planning to spend profits on:
No doubt some impulse purchase


Born Rugby 1945, educated Southwell Minster Grammar School and London University. Medical journalist (Editor of "GP" magazine for 15 years) and publisher, now science publisher.

Jerry is interested in politics especially American progressive politics. He reads The Nation magazine and always goes on The Nation's annual cruise (usually the only Brit) where hundreds of American liberals collectively despise the neo-cons and encourage each other in comfort. There he often arranges discussion sessions and shows movies - once, McLibel and in future hopefully Crude.

Jerry's work takes him abroad a lot. When at home he relaxes by singing in small choirs, reading mostly non-fiction, and watching cricket on television. He is married to Annette. They have two adult children and three grandchildren.

Personally Jerry supports the arts in several ways and he ensures that the business he manages does so too.