Dave Morris

Chucked in some thoughts
Haringey, North London, England.
Day job:
Former McLibel Defendant. Now, again, community activist (unpaid) promoting grass roots groups
Dream job:
Community activist promoting grass roots groups
The Age of Stupid & McLibel
Time on the job:
Mclibel - 15 years (much of it arguing with Franny) AoS - 10 hours (all arguing with Franny)
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Feet, Bike, Bus
Original connection:
Suggested Franny make a McLibel film with no money...
Why did you get involved?:
Its like the washing up - we all have to do what needs to be done
Memorable moment:
McLibel - all of it. AoS - getting Franny to agree it had to have a positive what-we-can-all-do message
Scared of:
People not realising how much collective power they have to change the world together
Guilty of:
Caring about football matches on TV
Planning to spend profits on:
Can't recall donating any ££... but, if so, any returned should go to another good cause which can make a real difference
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Have to. While we're creating a sustainable world we might as well encourage everyone to take over and run their communities and workplaces themselves, and abolish armies, governments, corporations, money, oppression and exploitation at the same time. No point in leaving all that NONSENSE in place...


Perivale (kid) - Finchley (teen) - Hackney/Islington (postman, squatter, anarchist) - Tottenham (community activist, single parent, McLibel defendant). Since 1974 involved in a wide range of anarchist groups and community campaigns including: 1970s - Anarchy Magazine, post office union branch, London Workers Group, anti-nuclear movement; 1980s - Claimants Union, London Greenpeace, Stop The City, miners strike and printworkers local support groups, anti-poll tax movement; 1990s - McLibel campaign, McLibel campaign and McLibel campaign; 2000s - residents associations, friends of parks, Sustainable Haringey, Haringey Solidarity Group


All we can all do is try to..
- do our best
- show by example
- care about each other
- spread empowering ideas, mutual aid and solidarity
- help build up grass roots groups, networks and movements
- encourage people to organise collectively to take direct control of their own lives, their own communities/neighbourhoods, and their own workplaces throughout the world
- have a laugh at the same time