Alex Boyesen

Satellite TV, Thailand
Chiang Mai, North Thailand
Day job:
Media Outsourcing Centre. You got a film that needs sound design, editing, graphics of FX talk to us! Working online means you do not have to travel.
Dream job:
Italian motorcycle tester
The Age of Stupid - Global Premiere
Time on the job:
Ongoing work but intense 5 weeks
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Not owned a car for 28 years, motorcycle or bike only
Original connection:
Brian Despard, Franny's old drum teacher told me about AOS
Why did you get involved?:
Because knowing about Franny I knew it had to be worth it and I have a two year old son
Memorable moment:
When I finally saw the film as a whole for the first time.
Scared of:
Fucking stupidity and greed of a minority of people
Guilty of:
Riding my bike too fast and flying to film worthy things
Planning to spend profits on:
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
If we do it will down to the small people, not the people at the top as usual.


Father sculptor, mother musician ended up in media after going to music college. Worked in professional AV production in London until I made the jump to Thailand where I provide media outsourcing facilities for people who can no longer afford the ridiculous cycle of costs in the west which is the main reason I left. Disappointment at the way we were eating ourselves alive and how things were less and less being done for love anymore. Age of stupid is an inspiration and shows that NOW IS the time the barriers have been lowered for people to do something - all you need is a really good idea or something to say and commitment.