Huyen Duc

Edinburgh and Hanoi
Day job:
Working for World Health Organisation Hanoi
Dream job:
Working with women who have HIV/AIDS in Vietnam
The Age of Stupid
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Bus or feet
Original connection:
Friend Michele from Transition Edinburgh South told me about this
Why did you get involved?:
Involved in this great sustainable group Transition Edinburgh South where I learn all about sustainability and climate change
Memorable moment:
Just gone back from Edinburgh to Hanoi and it was flooded when I worked on the film
Scared of:
People who don’t do the right thing
Guilty of:
Not always telling the truth to please others
Planning to spend profits on:
Helping mothers with HIV/AIDS
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Hope so.


Brought up in South Vietnam and studied at University there. Worked for a couple of years on a research project with women and their children with HIV/AIDS who have been infected by their husbands. Received an Erasmus grant and studied for an MSc. In Public Health in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. Returned to Vietnam early this year and am now working for the World Health Organisation in Hanoi. Got married on 7th November this year and plan to continue living in Hanoi with my husband Minh Duc.