Andy Mead

Peoples premiere technical production
Brighton, UK
Day job:
Manager at Firefly Solar CIC
Dream job:
Manager at Firefly Solar CIC
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
1 month
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Jeep, unfortunately occupational requirement, but bio fuelled so not all bad.
Original connection:
Invited by Unity
Why did you get involved?:
We’re always up for supporting green projects and stupid is a fine example – why not get involved?
Memorable moment:
Milliband’s beetroot face as Franny slammed him at the premiere
Scared of:
Gun wielding oil digging extremist Texans
Guilty of:
Spending all my time at work and not at home with my girlfriend
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Can we? Yes – Will we? no


Always loved music and was the only 60’s music freak at my posh school in the 90s, went to BRIT school learned about theatre, got job at theatre, got bored started promoting live music, fell in love with beautiful girlfriend Jen, got into festival production, started Firefly Solar now make solar powered festival stages and help people use solar technology in innovative ways, living in Brighton by the sea and generally smiling.