Issy Ellis-Cockcroft

Stroud, UK
Day job:
Gap Year (but it's starting to feel like full time climate campaigner)
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
2 weeks
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Electric Bike
Original connection:
Met Dan and Lizzie at a talk by the President of the Maldives
Why did you get involved?:
Because I care about our future and it meant I got to meet lots of cool people who also care. And because in 2050 I'll only be 59.
Memorable moment:
Having just arrived I was sent running to print key documents and somehow get them to the Guardian office for a 10:10 event in minus 5 minutes.
Scared of:
Tsunamis, but I should be safe as I live on a hill in the Midlands. (And climate change, obviously...)
Guilty of:
Missing my Grandad's 75th and my Grandma's 80th to go to Copenhagen
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
I really really hope so, but at present it's not looking so good...