Aliya Kusepgalieva

Translator (Russian)
Moscow, Russia
Day job:
Coach and org consultant, help people to become more conscious
Dream job:
Coach and org consultant, help people to become more conscious
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
Evenings and several sleepless nights in February and March 2009 and bringing the message till now
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Car - a blessing and a curse in Moscow
Original connection:
My English colleague recommended me to Lizzie as a volunteer translator
Why did you get involved?:
Climate change involves people’s mindset change – I could be useful here
Memorable moment:
I cried desperately when I first read the script
Scared of:
That people won’t wake up and keep denying
Guilty of:
Flying, not recycling
Planning to spend profits on:
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Changes started, people in Russia become more aware – I have more hope but we need to keep informing and encouraging to change further.


I was born in the USSR. In Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan I spent my childhood and started my professional career as a teacher of English.
In 1990 I moved to Moscow to study psychology. It was the time when the “iron curtain” fell down and psychotherapists from American and European institutions came to teach us.
Later it was extremely interesting to work for the international investment bank and participate in formation of new financial system in Russia.
I am proud that I was a part of YUKOS Oil Company HR team, which was the best in Russia at that time - I gained much experience and met wonderful people there.
Now my professional interest lies in coaching in all its dimensions. My task is to help individuals to step on the path of personal development journey and to bring coaching as a management style to organisations. I believe that my job helps people to find true meaning in their lives, to live up to their values, to become better leaders in their workplace and in their life, to raise their awareness of themselves and of broader context, to be more responsible for themselves and for the world.