Chris Scatchard

Inverness, Highlands of Scotland.
Day job:
Unemployed and founder of “The Highland Peoples Food Seedbank Project”
Dream job:
Off grid crofter/small holder
The Age of Stupid
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Walk a bit now, but the car is going soon though!
Original connection:
Mass of emails whizzing around the enviro groups I’m in
Why did you get involved?:
Chaos reigned between all the enviro groups locally wanting tables at film showing so I volunteered to coordinate them all
Memorable moment:
Lots – meeting so many people just like me and knew I wasn’t alone trying to save the world
Scared of:
Climate change and a post peak oil world
Guilty of:
Giving others a hard time for not doing enough to cut their CO2 emissions, just wish they would realise I am trying to save them, not alienate them?
Planning to spend profits on:
There is no profit, except the miracle of life of it’s self
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
If we work together without conditions we have a chance, but I still shed a tear for our children’s, children at the possibility that we might not do enough!


I’m just a tiny speck of life in a wonderful huge life miracle on this planet. I am trying to take responsibility for my actions in every way. Now I know and understand the past actions of humans including myself I do not want to be part of the catalyst that destroys life, as we know it.