Filiz Telek

Translator (from Turkish)
Istanbul, Turkey
Day job:
dialogue host, social innovator
Dream job:
host of a sustainable living and learning center
Time on the job:
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
I screened Franny's Drowned Out in sustainable living festival in Turkey that I founded
Memorable moment:
other than sleepless nights? feeling proud that I could be part of the team
Scared of:
collapse of community
Guilty of:
not eating organic food all the time
Planning to spend profits on:
sustainable living festival

I am a facilitator, a host, a change agent. My work as a facilitator is to create a learning container in which a community or a group can realize its potential through dialogue and deep connection. My passion is to explore new ways of working and being together and discover a depth of wisdom far beyond what is available to individuals alone. I am the founder of “sustainable living festival” in Turkey and in relation with that I design and host dialogue and learning spaces to raise awareness about sustainable living and social innovation.

Stuff done:

  • Sustainable Living Festival in Turkey


  • Whatever the problem, community is the answer