Pascal Brun

Pilot - The Alps
crew - Pascal Brun
Chamonix, France
Day job:
Helicopter pilot for aerial filming in the Alps
Dream job:
Helicopter pilot for aerial filming in the Alps
The Age of Stupid
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Helicopter of course.
Original connection:
Fernand Pareau and Chamonix
Memorable moment:
Singing French chanson at the fondue restaurant
Scared of:
Not being able to fly helicopters anymore because fuel is too expensive
Guilty of:
Burning up lots of fuel on a daily basis


Quote from a client: "On several occasions, I had the opportunity to fly with Pascal. A ces différentes occasions, j'ai pu apprécier sa maîtrise et son sang-froid dans des stationnaires toujours impressionnants. At these occasions, I have appreciated his control and his cool in stationary always impressive. C'est un grand professionnel qui possède un tel doigté que je me sens plus en sécurité dans son écureuil que dans ma voiture, c'est dire ! Pour tous ces moments magiques, un grand merci ; c'est toujours des instants mémorables lorsqu'on vole avec toi Pascal. (Photos © Christophe Gothié) It is a great professional who has such a skill that I feel more secure in his squirrel in my car, say it! For all those magic moments, thank you, but always memorable moments when it flies with you Pascal."

A photo from the jaw-dropping helicopter flights with Pascal. Crevasses on the Mer de Glace
Crevasses on the Mer de Glace

Helicopter shoot crew

Helicopter shoot crew

See the Alps photo gallery for more pics from the aerial filming with Pascal here.


Stuff done:

  • The World is Not Enough, 1999