Ra’fat Abdel Qader

Fixer - Jordan
crew_Rafat Abdel Qader
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
6 weeks work as a negotiator, translator and fixer
Original connection:
We knew each others by some British friend
Memorable moment:
They are cool and helpful and kind people, but they are little crazy... (not the bad meaning) especially Franny she always change her plan, i knew that she want to produce the work in the best way and also produce it to be the best, but because of her character we called it ''Majnouni'' that mean crazy in Arabic, she loved that name and we start call her Nooni, you couldn't imagine when NOONI sitting out of the window of the car to do the filming when the driver driving, or when she feel hot when we were sleep inside the cars in the desert at the Iraqi border and she decided suddenly to sleep on the ground without anything under her, and she refused my suggestion to return back to the car in the time i couldn't sleep because of the army and the police patrols because they came more than five times to ask about our safety especially for the safety of the two nice girls LIZZIE and NOONI , we had very nice time together even in the work hours or out of the work time, i enjoyed the work with them
Scared of:
I was always scared from the people that we dealing with, sometimes they change their opinion to deal with us or want to stop work, without any reasonable reason, its just because of their scaring from something that we don't know. and i am afraid always from any condition may happen push us to can not perform the job which we should do.
Guilty of:
Nothing, we were hope always in our job to help our selves and also help the people whom we film, if they need help.