Khulood Ali Nassir

Interpreter - Jordan
crew - Khulood
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
3.5 weeks
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
I met Franny and Lizzie in Jordan
Memorable moment:
Staying out all night in a car on the Jordanian-Iraqi border waiting for Malik. My father would have gone mad if he would have known.
Scared of:
The sea

Khulood's family was forced to flee Iraq after her work for a women's rights charity in Kut put the family's lives at risk. She represented the young women of Iraq in a delegation to meet George Bush - but unfortunately didn't get a chance to speak her mind direct to the President - in 2003, but on her return, she got repeatedly fired at in the street outside her work. Thankfully, no bullets hit Khulood, but her close friend and mentor, Fern Holland - an American lawyer working with the women's groups - was shot dead in 2004. Khulood now lives with her father and two sisters in Amman and her brother and mother are hoping to join them as soon as they can make it safely cross the border. Khulood can't work as she doesn't have a permit, but she volunteers at the Iraqi Refugee Association, helps Spanner Films with their interpreting and is hoping to establish an Iraqi Community & Training Centre in Amman.


The Iraqi refugee school project Khulood coordinates

Watch Khulood & Franny waking up after a memorable night sleeping in a Taxi at the Iraqi border.