Alex Koehler

Production Coordinator
crew_Alex Koehler
Brixton Hill, London, England
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
1 year
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Original connection:
Admin at Spanner
Memorable moment:
With Franny in the Alps
Scared of:
Franny's music taste, Lizzie drunk
Guilty of:
Leaving Spanner


Originally from Germany, came to London in 2004, read about Spanner Films and started shortly after as a volunteer. Did all sorts of essential stuff (see below), developed my then non-existing DIY-skills and learned a lot about doc making (thanks Franny, Lizzie & Andy). Working now as a news producer in London.

Toasting our survival - Morzine, France

Stuff done:

  • Spanner Films DIY: fixed shelves, built desks, etc. in new office
  • Spanner Films DIY: moved office when completely hungover
  • Spanner Films on-set: crashed rented car in France (was not too bad though)
  • Spanner Films, hmmm: fed Franny's cats and cleaned up after they coughed up the whole stuff
  • Spanner Films on-set: did a u-turn in 180 steps when we got stuck with car in French Alps