Mark Lynas

Climate Change Supervisor
crew - Mark Lynas
Wolvercote. Okay, Oxford, UK
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
2, in a very on-off sort of way.
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Walk. Or swim.
Original connection:
Franny swearing at me the first time we ever met.
Memorable moment:
Getting an email from Franny, sent from somewhere in the Niger Delta, reassuring us she was still alive, but only just.
Scared of:
Going to Iraq.
Guilty of:
The occasional flight to promote my latest book.


Mark Lynas was born in Fiji in 1973, and grew up in Peru, Spain and the UK. After gaining a first-class honours degree in history and politics from the University of Edinburgh (where he also edited the university’s student newspaper), he joined a web start-up called – helping turn it into the world’s most-accessed internet portal for human rights and sustainable development issues.

Since going freelance in 2000 to work full-time on climate change, Mark has also been active as a broadcast commentator and journalist, writing for the Guardian, Observer, Independent and various other publications, as well as appearing on radio and television news and discussion programmes ranging from Newsnight to the BBC World Service.

In March 2007 he launced a new book: ‘Six Degrees – Our Future on a Hotter planet’ – about the future of global warming. This book outlines, degree by degree, what climate change has in store for humanity and the planet over this century. Based on scores of peer-reviewed scientific articles on the latest outputs from computer models, plus what palaeoclimate reconstructions tell us about past warm events in earth history, Six Degrees is a terrifying warning that humanity will ignore at its peril.

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  • Publishers Weekly: Lynas vividly describes the physical and human toll our fossil fuel-based culture takes on the planet. ... This could well serve as a primer for budding anti-global-warming activists.