Emily James

Executive Producer
crew - Emily James
London, UK
Time on the job:
2 years
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
bike, always a bike... I hate buses
Original connection:
FoF - Friend of Franny


Originally from the United States, Emily James came to England to study history and philosophy of science at Cambridge. She eventually moved on to the National Film and Television School, where she completed the Documentary Direction Course in December 2000. In her films, Emily combines her interests in history, politics and film language with a wry sense of humour and just a little more than a pinch of irony.

A Brief History of Cuba, in d minor was her graduation project, her second year film, Wag the Dogma having already won a number of prizes and been broadcast on Channel 4 and Film Four. Emily’s first commissioned film, The Luckiest Nut in the World , was for the U.K.’s Channel 4’s Alt TV strand. The film combines animation (in the form of the eponymous “luckiest nut”, a singing American peanut, who narrates the film), archive, graphics and original music to explore the effects of trade liberalisation on developing economies. In 2004 she made for Channel Four, the four part series Don’t Worry - a satirical investigative current affairs series, presented by a gang of credulous puppets.

Emily has executive produced a number of 'new talent' films for Channel 4, and is currently working on a feature project of her own entitled 'Going Bananas'.

Stuff done:

  • "Don't Worry", 2004, 24mins: Satirical current affairs series featuring a cast of investigative puppet reporters.
  • "The Luckiest Nut in the World", 2002, 24mins: A singing peanut presents this satirical documentary about international trade liberalisation.
  • "A Brief History of Cuba in D Minor", 2000, 23mins: Musical documentary recounting the history of Cuba.


  • The Guardian: Emily James is a genius, and will, in time, be revered as a TV innovator, dead clever and a woman who really knows her nuts.