Nicky Ford

Investor - Nicky Ford 2
Guildford, UK
Day job:
Dream job:
Running the BBC
The Age of Stupid
Original connection:
via a friend (with friends like that ...)
Planning to spend profits on:
Pouring money into bigger and better films?


Part 2 : 15 months and many adventures later we returned home to domsticity and childbearing. (16YOM not so sure) However, I was a founder member of the SDP and for about 10 years immersed myself in local politics, prison visiting, working for the Probation Service and local am dram. Then the vet left - but left behind three great children and the dog. I subsequently found true love and happiness with the wonderful David, who has now fulfilled my childish and `Hello`-driven psyche by becoming a minor, minor tv person (16YOM thrilled) and on a personal level have become obsessively and quite boringly (ask my friends) green. Having got such a lovely life all sorted why is the world about to collapse around me? Why are all I love and care for doomed to a increasingly stressful future when the world is truely such a wonderful place./ I now run a local recycling group, write monthly recycling pieces for three local newsletters and support green causes, go on demos etc. whenever I can.

I realise now I can`t change the world, but maybe I can influence, ever so slightly, those around me. (16YOM take note)

Biography Part 1: Diary of a 16YOM - When I was 16 (see picture) and all was before me I thought I was going to change the world. By 17 I had got to university and failed my first year exams and I realised I wasn`t. However, I took the view then to use my 16-Year-Old-Me(16YOM) as a benchmark as to how I was doing in life - would the 16 year old me approve? After university I worked for the BBC for 8 years. The 16YOM approved of me being there but not of the crass decisions I made while there re career moves. Too much motivated by the quest for a boyfriend rather than concentrating on the job (but I had a ball).

I then met and married a Scottish vet - Colin and three weeks after marrying we set off round the world for a 15 month honeymoon. It was proper backpacking in those days - no e-mails, bank cards or mobile phones. When you were away you were gone. We had an exciting time. We were in Iran when the Shah was deposed and had to leave in a hurry. To Afghanistan which was about to be occupied by the Russians. There were tanks and insurrections everywhere. We fled to the relative safety of the Khyber Pass and then on to Pakistan where President Bhutto had just been hanged and into India where Mrs Gandhi was put in prison and the trains went on strike. Was it something we said? The 16YOM was impressed.