Katie Barlow

Translation Tzar
Katie Barlow
Streatham, London
Day job:
Documentary film maker and Editor
Dream job:
Co-ordinating the multi-language dvd of dreams
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
6 months
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
private solar powered jet
Original connection:
Met Franny at Sheffield doc fest 2007
Memorable moment:
The impact the film had on me after watching it in Sheffield
Scared of:
The unknown
Guilty of:
Driving sometimes
Planning to spend profits on:
A tree house

Stuff done:

  • Visit Palestine, 2005, 78 min documentary, Journeyman Pictures
  • Israel's Terror Bus, 2004, 60 min doc, BBC4
  • Courage to Refuse, 2006, 2 hour video installation, Emily Tsingou Gallery, London
  • Video Editor, 2006-2008, Al-Jazeera, Witness, Various documetaries
  • 20 Lengths, 5 mins film, 2008, Future shorts


  • ' Raw, urgent, film-making' Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian