Luminous Frenzy

Composers, Funders, Lovelife Counsellors!
investor - Luminous Frenzy
North London, UK
Day job:
A Band & Arts Professionals
Dream job:
Living & Working in a Vegan Utopia
The Age of Stupid, McLibel, Drowned Out, Baked Alaska & Truth or Dairy
Time on the job:
20 years!
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Eco Jaguar - runs on LPG, VW Camper van, and a Brompton Bike
Original connection:
F: Franny joined my band L: Commissioned Franny's first film
Why did you get involved?:
Franny is very persuasive. Plus we wanted to invest in our future, by trying to ensure that there is one.
Memorable moment:
A 3am phone call from Franny & Lizzie in Nigeria: "Can you telex us a £1000 please!?" Mission accomplished.
Scared of:
Guilty of:
Spending too much money at Saf (Gourmet Vegan) Restauraunt
Planning to spend profits on:
A house near Three Cliffs Bay
Will we save ourselves now we have the chance?:
Its got to be worth a shot.


Initially formed by "Godlike guitarist" Frank Frenzy, and singer/DJ Luminous, Luminous Frenzy performed at the first Bestival in 2004, and the Big Chill Festival 2005. Big Chill founder Pete Lawrence later cited the band as one of several that year that he considered to be: "at the cutting edge of musical progression".
Guitarist/Producer Adam Thomas joined in 2005, and the band's critically acclaimed first album 'Violence Ambience' (Freeport Records) was released in 2006, with a launch at the Big Chill Bar.

Joined by drummer Steve Hands (formerly with The Only Ones & The One) they released their first single 'Three Cliffs Bay' in 2007, and assembled an 8 piece band with string section for a gig at the Southbank Centre's Purcell Room. (Franny Armstrong played percussion & piano).

The band has since developed a heavier rock-driven sound, which last year led them to record three tracks with Producer Paul Sampson (who produced Catatonia & scored a Top 3 US hit with the Primitives). They recently enlisted bassist Andrew MacDonald and are currenty working on their second album, due for release in 2010.

Luminous Frenzy - Single Reviews:

'Reminiscent of DJ Shadow's down-tempo work, or maybe Portishead on anti-depressants. A beguiling new presence in British music'. The Skinny Paper

'An instant trip-hop classic. Immediately memorable, both compelling and haunting, ‘Three Cliff Bays’ is completely breathtaking.'

'Delivers what may well be one of the highlights of the year so far. Mesmerisingly David Lynchian'. Tasty Fanzine

'Outstanding work all the way. One to watch.'

'It's a knockout. The themes are wonderfully dark, and conjure incredibly detailed imagery in the listener's head. The B-side is just as tasty. The spoken-word samples gave me chills..... Powerful stuff from a trio that just gets better and better'. Big Takeover Magazine, New York

Luminous Frenzy - Album Reviews:

"I loved Violence Ambience… I got completely drawn into it, every word was so well placed, nothing overstated, nothing wasted" - Benjamin Zephaniah

"A marvellous album from start to finish, produced with incredible care and taste" - Hayden Bendall (Producer/Engineer for Kate Bush, Dave Gilmour)