Christopher Gillie

investor - Chris Gillie
The Age of Stupid

Location: London
Age: 35
Mental age: 12
Occupation: I run an I.T. Company
Occupation of Choice: Cat
God of Choice: Baccus
God of Choice if i were a Cat: Bast
Pet of Choice: Zambezi Shark
Pet of Choice if I were a Cat: Human
Scared of: Creepy Crawlies
Scared of if I were a Cat: Cars
Transport of Choice: Solar Powered Airship
Transport of Choice if I were a Cat: Rollerskates
Guilty of: Climate Change (it was all my fault really - sorry)
Solution to Climate Change: Orbital Solar Panels that simultaneously absorb sunlight to cool the earth and generate clean energy which can be beamed back to earth via laser beams.
Solution to Climate Change if I were a Cat: Purr, then sleep a lot. foo

"Just because you are paranoid does not mean people arn't out to get you."