Babou Ceesay

Voiceover artist
Babou Ceesay
London, UK
Day job:
The Age of Stupid
Time on the job:
1 hour
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
All - have to be versatile to be an actor
Original connection:
My agents (Gordon & French)
Scared of:
Not remembering lines in front of live audience

Trained: The Oxford School of Drama
Theatre includes:
Macbeth (Out of Joint International Tour), The Long Goodbye - Tenessee Williams (The Cockpit Theatre), Suddenly Last Summer - Tenessee Williams (The Studios), Twelfth Night (The Pegasus Theatre), Trojan Women (The Studios).
Film includes:
Severance (Qwerty Films), Film, Man, Light (The Studios).
Radio includes:
Just Joshua (BBC, Big Toe Radio Show), Giles Wembbley Hogg Goes Off (Series 3)( BBC Radio 4), Cartouche (Immersive Education Ltd, Hats Off Studios), Little Photographer (The Studios), The Dissolution of Dominic Booth (The Studios).


FROM THE INDEPENDENT 'Watch this face' 13th August 2008 You're a successful auditor in a big City firm but, when someone asks you what you really want to do, and you reply, acting, what do you do? If you're Babou Ceesay, you quit your job immediately and enrol in acting school. Yes, it's a risky strategy, but it's certainly paid off: Ceesay can currently be seen in the National Theatre's hugely successful play, The Overwhelming, and appears alongside Tim McInnerny in a wonderful new British horror-comedy. Severance. Understandably, Ceesay wasn't sure about his chances: "I thought, it's a bit absurd, I've just come out of drama school, I'm probably only just going to mess it up. But they recalled me [for Severance] and, the next thing I know, they offered me a part. They made changes to the part as well so I had a lot more to do." Despite the nature of the film, making Severance wasn't too tough: "It was over in Hungary. We stayed in this gothic castle hotel thing. And there was no one else there but us. It literally was like The Shining. We had an awesome time!" Ceesay can't reveal what's happening once The Overwhelming closes in October, but will admit that "I've been to see a few people a few times and now they are making decisions. So if they make decisions that include me, amen! That would be nice."

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Stuff done:

  • Whistleblower, 2008, Episode 1
  • Severance, 2006, 96 mins: Another bloody office outing.