Amanda Root

investor_Amanda Root
Oxford, England
Day job:
Academic (Oxford University’s Centre for the Environment) and self-employed environmental consultant
Dream job:
Becoming a Buddhist – they are so peaceful and compassionate (is this a job or a vocation?)
The Age of Stupid
Jet, jeep, bus or bike:
Bike – hey I’m an environmentalist!
Original connection:
Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN) in Oxford.
Memorable moment:
The protesting cyclists in the Alps - that’s why The Age of Stupid is so useful –I am proud to be a supporter of this gripping, memorable and important film.
Scared of:
Too few narratives, lack of stories which help us really understand what we need to do.
Guilty of:
Wishing to fly to see faraway places.
Planning to spend profits on:
Funding more films on climate change to give pleasure and educate painlessly.