Webcast Wizardry @ the RSA Indie Screenings Launch

Date 27th May 2009

Indie Screenings Launch

The launch last friday of our revolutionary new distribution model, Indie Screenings, came off beautifully. Massive thanks are due to:

The clash-of-the-titans that was George Monbiot and Nick Stern in conversation over the interweb generated at least one newsworthy bombshell from the more senior of the pair, when Stern suggested the West should meet China half way over who owns which emissions. See the details of that particular gem here.

You can watch the entire almost-hour-long webcast here:

And here's a few pics from the day to give you a flavour of the vibe...

The master planThe master plan

The Countdown to Copenhagen Clock goes in the cabThe Countdown to Copenhagen Clock goes in the cab

It's mahoosive. I had to get the tube as the clock took my seat.


I beat the cab there anyway.

The House of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts Manufactures and CommerceThe House of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts Manufactures and Commerce

No wonder they call it the RSA for short.

The clock comes outThe clock comes out

It's got one handle on the top so you can carry it like a briefcase. Except you can't because it weighs a tonne. It's like putting a handle on a piano and calling it a portable piano.

RSA PillarRSA Pillar

In case there were any doubts.

The Great RoomThe Great Room

We screened in here. It were proper posh.

Testing testingTesting testing

Team Stupid and One Climate joining the dots in cyberspace.

That there table's really got to goShufty along

The spotlights refused to point anywhere except stage right, so we had to relocate under them.

James Bond-esque skylightJames Bond-esque skylight

Team Stupid were all really impressed by the automatic skylight. We're simple folk.

So far so awesomeSo far so awesome

The Indie Screenings test card indicates everything is plugged in properly.

Franny taking up positionFranny taking up position

Adam as George MonbiotAdam as George Monbiot

We did a complete run-through to test the system, which nobody realised was being webcast live to all 71 Indie Screenings venues on the premium web-cast page. Adam, as Monbiot, invites Nick Stern and Franny round for tea.

Franny writing George's certificateFranny writing George's Not Stupid certificate

George arrivesGeorge arrives

We're all terribly pleased to see him, so we get a school photo together.

Stupid MerchStupid Merch

All strictly climate-friendlyAll strictly climate-friendly

Last minute sales team prepLast minute sales team prep

Punters arrivingPunters arriving

Still some nervousness amongst the tech team...

Audience taking their seatsAudience taking their seats

It's absolutely packedIt's absolutely packed

Not a single empty seat in the entire place.


The film goes off.

The RSA backstage tech teamThe RSA backstage tech team

Will everything actually work? Nailbiting last moments before the webcast.

Lizzie at the controlsLizzie at the controls

Lizzie is the behind-the-scenes puppetmaster who is pulling everyone's strings, and making sure they all come in on cue.

Matthew Taylor introduces Franny to the houseMatthew Taylor introduces Franny to the house

Some mutual appreciation for The Age of Stupid / the RSA going on.

Richard Betts beaming in from the MET officeRichard Betts beaming in from the MET office

Dr Richard Betts making it clear that the film is a long way from being science fiction.

Waheed's VlogWaheed's Vlog

Dr Waheed Hassan, VP of the Maldives, is talking us through some of the many technologies available to help them achieve their goal of carbon-neutrality within ten years.

Stern beaming in from HayStern beaming in from Hay

Lord Stern outlining his hopes for Copenhagen.

Stern says meet China half-wayStern says meet China half-way

See the separate news item about this key moment in the discussion.

Nick and George make a planNick and George make a plan

Nick says he'll deal with the demand side, and George can deal with the supply side.

Audience questionsAudience questions

This chap was wondering how we should try to engage the unconverted.

George on 'climate change'F explains that people working to stop climate change are happier and more fulfilled than shirkers

George joins Franny on stageGeorge on 'climate change'

George says that calling it 'climate change' is really inappropriate; "It's like calling a foreign invasion 'unexpected visitors'". He proposes we should call it climate breakdown, or something similar.

George receives his Not Stupid certificateGeorge receives his Not Stupid certificate

He was actually quite pleasedHe was actually quite pleased

A member of the audience gives his verdict on the event: